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Who are we?

We are athletes active in different sports performing at various levels.

Why CF?

We experienced that traditional & conventional training methods don’t deliver the results we are looking for. Too much effort, stress and energy was wasted on only small improvements.

What's CF?

So we started to challenge all conventional wisdom in sports and recreated a new way to reach high performance. We are now revolutionizing the sportsworld to achieve higher levels of performance with less effort!

What about YOU?

Are you nervous before a match? Are you training a lot without your desired results? Are you not achieving the goal you dreamt of? Or are you just curious?

"I was convinced that there is an easier, more joyful way of training and competing.


One in which training is not a preparation for battle and a match a war.

Training and matches should be a way of self expression and happiness, a true reflection of an ideal society.

I am proud that we realized such an approach which outperforms traditional methods"